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Reeaaesn + Zamperla

Branding, Graphic design
About This Project


Branding, Graphic design




Antonio Zamperla S.p.a. is a company leader in the amusement sector that has been able to transform the world of games and fun in a big industry, bringing back to life those pastimes and traditions that risked to disappear but that now are modern, appealing, and symbol of beauty and speed.


Just as futurists stated that the world would become rich with new beauty like speed, the company enhanced the pleasure in fast, allowing them to better adapt to the need of a transforming market. The scope of Zamperla is to make in different special places spread around the world.

The principle of speed remains to this day the key for the way Antonio Zamperla S.p.a. plans, creates, and produces successful rides. Coming from a family tradition where there were talents in the theatre, movies, and the circus art, starting from the first half of the 1800s, the company lays the foundation of what today is considered a powerful factory that brings fun all over the world under the banner of the precious made in Italy.


Since keeping up with the times is one of the principles by which the company operates, the need was to renew their image, starting from the restyling of their iconic logo.

Zamperla logo before
Zamperla logo restyling

History, speed, and dynamism have been three elements that guided the restyling of the historic brand of Antonio Zamperla S.p.a..The identifying pictogram has been modernized and refreshed through a graphic intervention that could recall the gaze towards the future without forgetting the past.

Decoding the Zamperla mission, which translates to its will to develop and innovate through new rides to leave a unique and memorable experience to people of all ages, we reached a new design that, together with the typographic choice and the chromatic nuances, communicates the will to convey all of this through a mark. The logo has a more solid and material form that represent the letter Z and at the same time recalls that vortex of speed of amusement rides.


The font and the new design imparts that idea of stability, safety, and reliability of a company that has established itself in the entertainment industry.

Zamperla brand identity new logo
Zamperla biglietti da visita


Zamperla cartellina
Zamperla calendario
Mappa Zamperla world 2020
Zamperla calendario da tavolo