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Reeaaesn + Yourban2030

Branding, Graphic design
About This Project

Yourban2030, a no profit association, was born with the intent to create artwork for the environment and sustainability through the language of art, universal, direct, and powerful


Yourban2030 needed an identity, a way to communicate  and stand out to describe its purpose.


Branding, Graphic design



Yourban 2030 logo before
Yourban 2030 logo restyling
Yourban 2030 background

Can two souls merge and speak the same language? The answer is yes.


The restyling of the logo started with the desire to combine the two intrinsic souls of the Yourban2030 brand, the more institutional and technological side as a no profit organization and the more artistic side that characterizes it.


From this desire stems the idea to join two font families seemingly different that, at the same time, spread their communicative strength. The new proposal is versatile, flexible, adaptable. It’s a game of joints, just as the synergies of Yourban2030 brand and its different ways to speak to people. The visual becomes a tangible and recognizable language.


The visual language that identifies Yourban2030 is pliable and adaptable to all their communication, from presentations to the images style, the copy, and the more traditional communication like totems, flyers, posters, and other collaterals.

Yourban 2030 background
Yourban 2030 corporate identity
Yourban 2030 catalogo
Yourban 2030 background