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Reeaaesn + Luna Park Branding

Branding, Graphic design
About This Project

Luna Park is an amusement park in Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY. Open since 1903, prides itself of years of history and popularity, so much that it became a point of reference for entertainment in New York, in the US, and worldwide.


The goals of the amusement park have always been to become the center for the surrounding community and a unique attraction for the tourists, believing that having fun has no age. The need for changing the logo comes exactly from the acknowledgment of the history and the roots of the brand, revisited in a more engaging and modern key, while keeping in mind its several applications in the digital world.


Branding, Graphic design



Logo Luna Park 2012
Luna Park logo 2014
Luna Park logo 2019
Luna Park logo 2020

Since the history of Luna Park is one of the foundations of the brand, our objective was to make the design of the logo easy to remember and iconic.


For this concept we were inspired by the American design of the early 1900s, interwoven with modern, vintage, and popular taste. A face lift was performed, the half moon has been redesigned according to the principles of the golden ratio, the round shapes have been given new colors, vibrant and impactful, corresponding to the emotions and feelings which can be felt at the amusement park, to remind that it is not just a park but an experience to remember and cherish.


The font was made more legible, recalling that vintage atmosphere, the one of the times when Luna Park in Coney Island was created.


Luna park adv brand identity
Luna park website