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Reeaaesn + Lastelier

Branding, Digital, Graphic design
About This Project

Lastelier is a women accessories luxury brand that focuses on made in italy for its quality and craftsmanship.


Each product is sophisticated, refined, and functional, since it is meant for the women who want to stand out and wear practical accessories at the same time, like the ones from Lastelier, which contain a unique secret to be discovered when purchased.


The brand needed to encompass its elegant identity and represent its values and pluses.


Branding, Graphic design, Digital



Lastelier corporate identity

The brand identity created contains that fundamental elegance and refinement in its shapes and colors that belongs to all Lastelier products. Luck is the leitmotif found in the development of the brand, represented by a ladybug recomposed as a Rosh’s butterfly.


Just as the ladybug flies, so does the Lastelier woman, who loves to travel, and the little easter eggs hidden in the products are small lucky charms to take everywhere she goes. Therefore, the website preserves these principles of elegance expressed through a style that is minimal and clean, with the products photographed in refined atmospheres to bring value to all accessories and to the women who wear them.

Lastelier website
Lastelier website


Lastelier shooting
Lastelier etichetta