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Reeaaesn + Hotel Corte Valier

Branding, Graphic design
About This Project

Hotel Corte Valier is the first four-star hotel in Lazise, with a sensational view overlooking the lake.


Established in the lagoon area with class, style, and a design curated in every detail,, it needed an identity that could reflect its personality, its unique position and its mission of wellness and comfort.


Graphic design, Branding



since 2012
Hotel Corte Valier esterno

Environmental issues require us to redesign things with a different perspective, uniting the sophistication of Corte Valier and the respect for the lagoon where it was born.


The re-branding was simple but effective and encapsulates the purity of a drop, a symbol highly representative of the location and the high quality services for comfort and wellness offered by the Hotel Corte Valier.

Hotel Corte Valier - biglietti da visita
Hotel Corte Valier - corporate identity
Hotel Corte Valier - voucher


Hotel Corte Valier - gadget
Hotel Corte Valier - gadget
Hotel Corte Valier - cartellina
Hotel Corte Valier - borsa