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Reeaaesn + Festival Biblico 2018

Advertising, Business and services, Events, Graphic design, New media
About This Project

The 14th edition of the Festival Biblico talks about the Future, which will be the underlying theme to the several cultural activities that will take place for a month in the streets, plazas, theatres, churches, and buildings in the cities of Vicenza, Verona, Padova, Rovigo and Vittorio Veneto.

The future is what connect us to the mystery of time that has always troubled man and brings deep emotions that feed science, community, philosophy, religions, and arts. To communicate this intangible theme was the client’s need to bring to life this complex concept.


Events, Graphic design, Advertising




The visual created shows the horizon appearing, the idea to look beyond to be able to welcome what is coming for us with openness, willingness, anticipation, imagination, moving forward, and also fighting. To have a vision of what the future holds it’s important to have a vision for tomorrow, a goal, and hope.


Those who believes in the future are the ones who care about the present, the men and women on their path. The simplicity of the illustration leaves room to immagine how all of us, together, can walk towards our future.

``Those who believe in the future take care of the present.``