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Reeaaesn + CottoVeneto

Branding, Fashion and design, Graphic design, Industrial, New media
About This Project

The historic character of the Cottoveneto brand, the evolution of the communication over time, and the rebirth of the company needed a brand restyling that could maintain the traditions of the company while renewing it at the same time.


Made in Italy, craftsmanship, and attention to the environment made CottoVeneto a strong and meaningful, the first brand to invent the famous 10×10 tile, their undisputed trademark.


Branding, Graphic design, New Media




Stone, glass, ceramic, and decor


Every detail makes a difference, and every detail makes you feel at home. With a decorative and sophisticated style and an explosion of colors, the historic duck from the Sile river, where the stone historically used by the company originally came from, has a new visual, iconic and unmistakable.


Made even more eye-catching and modern through more simple lines, it is enclosed in the shape of a squared tile, spearhead of the Treviso company. The pay-off  “Living decoration. Handmade in Italy.” clearly and simply introduces the Cottoveneto world.