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Reeaaesn + Confindustria

Advertising, Events, Graphic design
About This Project

Confindustria Vicenza is part of the italian industrial federation system and, for more than 70 years, leads and supports the development of the production system in Vicenza, with about 16,000 associated companies.

Every year it organizes an event with a different topic to be discussed, with the aim to share and engage on the most imminent matters for the italian businesses.

The need was to define a concept and bring to life a visual and a theme for 2018 that questioned the direction of change based on the latest happenings worldwide, in order to stay up to date and familiar with what is happening around us.


Events, Graphic design, Advertising




Man is called to take a path with an unknown destination and where it becomes harder and harder to focus on future goals. As society changes, so does technology: where will these two revolution that influence our culture, economy, our community take us?

The visual created with an illustration synthesizes the path man has to take to focus on his journey based on knowledge (telescope) and only by defining, understanding, and analyzing he can discover the direction of the future (route). 

Blue hues dominate the visual, the color of knowledge, intellect, and the depth of thought and, at the same time, symbol of technology and of our present time. It is also the color of balance, compromise that man has to find to reach his goals.

Assemblea 2018 Confindustria Vicenza
Adv Giornale di Vicenza per Assemblea 2018 Confindustria Vicenza
Gadget Assemblea 2018 Confindustria Vicenza
Gadget Assemblea 2018 Confidustria Vicenza

``Society is evolving in the name of change, new behaviours, new sensibilities, and new convictions.``

Assemblea 2018 Confindustria Vicenza
Adv Assemblea 2018 Confindustria Vicenza