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Reeaaesn + City Green Light

Branding, Business and services, Graphic design
About This Project

City green light is a young company, spin off of the historic Gemmo Impianti group, that operates in the italian public lighting sector, with more than 400.000 light points and a portafoglio above half a billion euros.


Efficiency, safety, and flexibility are the cornerstones that allowed the brand to establish itself on the market.


The new needs and particular attention towards new renewable energies required a restyling of the brand, making it new and fresh, direct, and that recalled the world of lighting.


Branding, Graphic design




The environmental impact is one of the most debated themes these days, and energy efficiency is key to care for our environment and cities.


This is why the graphic recalls a led light, to communicate the attention the brand has for respecting the environment and energy efficiency. The pictogram is the result of the fusion of the led light graphic and the ramification of Vicenza.