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Reeaaesn + Cavazza

Digital, Graphic design
About This Project

Cavazza is a winery rooted in the Vicenza area since 1928 and with a long-lasting and meaningful family tradition passed down through four generations. There can’t be a quality finished product without respect for the primary product, respect that translates into care for the land of the Vicenza hills, the Garganega land, and the Berici hills, where the winery was born. 

For almost 100 years, the stories are preserved with the same soul and spirit of when the winery was founded with an authentic passion in the old Selva house, which is the company’s headquarter today.

The need was to find a guideline and a consistent voice to tell the story of such a meaningful heritage, a story of passion rooted in the land, uniting the past with the present and what the winery represents today. A clear objective was to open the doors of the winery and hear the stories of those who lived Cavazza and those who are living it in their own way today.


Digital, Graphic design



since 2016
To communicate the mission and the values of the company, the way of storytelling has been chosen and, since these stories are what Cavazza is made of, Stories from the Vines and Life Stories were created. Stories to tell, stories to pass down, stories that are an integral part of the Cavazza wines: those who choose them, enjoy decades with them, hopes, dreams, and challenges overcome.
Everyone enjoys wine in their own way (Life Stories), shares wine in different moments of  life because there is a Cavazza wine for every moment ( Stories from the Vines), every flavour, and every taste. With family, a few friends, your better half, with colleagues, or alone.
This principle has been followed for the entire layout of the website that, together with the social media channels, shares the Cavazza philosophy. The labels were illustrated by hand, highlighting the elegance and sophistication of the brand , from the classics, to the sparkling wines, and to the sweet wines. Every photograph collects all the small but meaningful pieces that make this winery special, its vines, its cellar, the land, the harvest, and its moments of conviviality.

``Life stories and stories from the vines``

Cavazza biglietto da visita
Cavazza leaflet

“The memories, the traditions, the gaze to tomorrow, and the love for the things done with care.”

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