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Reeaaesn + Anemocyte

Branding, Digital, Graphic design, New media
About This Project

Anemocyte is a BMO (Biotech Manufacturing Organization), a leader innovator in the field of advanced therapies and cell therapies. A dynamic reality, driving force behind projects to better the quality of our lives. A solid organization, thanks to its high scientific, technical, legal expertise, driven by a deep passion for life, today Anemocyte is the place where the therapies of tomorrow are born.


A company so complex, essential, and innovative needed an identity that was able to deliver its mission with a symbol: “To be the core of evolution of cell and gene therapy.”


Branding, Digital, New Media,
Events, Graphic design



since 2015




Today the world needs science, to see beyond the world incurable, to restore life. In order to always have a chance, the world needs to change. Anemocyte’s talents want to ignite this evolution, pouring their soul into every single cell.


The talents, the union, the infinite.


These are the three fundamental elements that drove the creation of the brand identity. The people that contribute to the research, production, and innovation, the soul and the science that become one to represent life that is extended potentially infinite times thanks to their continuous research.


From this union, the infinite Alpha is created: a symbol that incorporates the values of the company, that represents the union and the combination of the words “ánemos” and “cyte”.

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