40 years on, we still are incurable optimists, creative and… dreamers.


A story of passion, commitment, creativity, and professionalism.
We have come a long way, through generational changes, cultural revolutions, social disorders, economic booms and busts, and international, if not even interplanetary, crises… through drastic changeovers from black-and-white to colour TV, from landline to cordless phone, iPhone and iPad, from the newsagents around the corner to that on the Internet, from door-to-door to online sales, in a work in progress that is becoming more and more global.

Our culture, aims, way of thinking, and popular dogmas have all changed: It is no use crying over spilt milk, you can buy it straight away again from a vending machine, open 24/7.
‘Simple Simon went to town to buy a piece of meat’. Nowadays he would just need to buy it online and have it delivered to his door.
Even tuna is a victim of the famous advertising campaign in Italy in which a known brand is so firm as to defeat a flimsy breadstick, now bears the ‘undefeatable’ label.

Well, Google has taught us that we need to think, co-operate, and dare together. Strength through unity and no man is an island.
Let us acknowledge that the ‘widget culture’ rules society and markets, and that corporation has turned into co-operation, and working has become co-working.
OK. We have conveyed to you that we are there, and this is part of our job.
You know you can count on us, as always, and you also know where you can find us.

2011. Caratti E Poletto turns 40 end it looks its age.

Thank you for your wishes…